[Job] Trucker Job



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[Job] Trucker Job

Post by Matheson on Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:23 pm

Job Guide
Trucker Job


The Trucker Job is one of the easiest and most profitable legal/illegal job that does not require player interaction. The objective is simple: Deliver packages to the designated location. You can get the job in Flint County, behind the wooden shack next to the Gas Station.

The job is located behind the red circle


This job has a few requirements that need to be followed before you are able to earn money:

  • You need to have a valid license from the DMV. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the job.
  • You must have at-least $25 dollars on your person before loading packages into the truck. If you plan on overloading the vehicle (which is illegal), you must have $50 dollars ($25 per load).

How do I earn money?

To earn money, you must first enter one of the various colored trucks that spawn in Flint County. Upon entering a truck, you must then attach a trailer to the back of it (do this by driving backwards into the from of the trailer. If done correctly, it should attach itself). Afterwards, you must drive to the icon displayed below and type /loadpackages. This will load the packages into the back of the trailer.

This is the icon where you load the packages into your truck

Upon loading packages into your truck (which can be done twice before delivery), you must then drive to one of two designated locations. One of the locations is located just behind the large Telecom building (marked as a T on your minimap). The second location is located at the Ocean Docks. A red checkpoint will be created depending on which location you are given. You must drive to the red checkpoint, and /deliverpackages on the specific icon. The two locations are shown below:

The first location, behind the large Telecom building

The second location, located at the far end of the Ocean Docks.


After each trucking delivery, you will recieve a specific amount of EXP for that job. You can check how much experience you have by typing /skills. Eventually you will level up the job and will get more money per delivery.

NOTE: Loading packages once is legal. However, loading two packages is illegal and could cause you to get arrested (truck weight limit).

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Re: [Job] Trucker Job

Post by Bennyy on Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:21 pm

Nice guide, good work!
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Re: [Job] Trucker Job

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Awesome guide bro!

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Re: [Job] Trucker Job

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