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General Rules

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Conducting Yourself

Be polite and respectful to other members of the community. Think whether what you're about to say or do is abusive towards the other person. Although you're only looking at your computer screen, the person on the receiving end of your actions are still human.

As soon as you login on the server, you are in character (IC). You must roleplay at all times. Obey the rules at all times even if you think another player broke them. Do not disrupt, stall or void roleplay unless an admin instructs you to. Examples:
> Quitting the game because you're about to be arrested and you think you're being arrested for no reason.
> Refusing to roleplay until an admin responds to your report.
> Disrupting roleplay by starting an out of character (OOC) argument in the chat.

If you are in an IC situation, you may ignore players who are trying to chat with you OOCly, but it is your obligation to respond to admins who are trying to contact you. Refusing to reply to an admin's messages may lead to punishment.

Inciting someone to break the rules is not allowed. You are obligated to report players who are breaking the rules. If you find any bugs on the server, it is also your obligation to report them. Bug exploitation will lead to a permanent ban.

Use only English for IC chat. Use internet acronyms such as lol, afk, lmao and et cetera appropriately. Examples:
> "John Smith says: plz dont rob me lol" (Not allowed)
> "SMS FROM John Smith: come 2 my place rofl" (Allowed)

If your character is to speak in another languange, you may use a language tag. Example:
> "John Smith says: [Spanish] Hello there, friend."

Use only English for public OOC chat such as /b.

If you have any questions related to the server, use /newb. If you require visual aide or personal assistance from a helper, use /helpme.

You are allowed to be away from keyboard (AFK) for up to 15 minutes as long as you are not in a populated area where other players are likely to attempt to roleplay with you.

The asterisk of a player's /me and /do has a different color from the script-generated action's asterisk. Consider this before gauging whether you should report a player or not.
Punishment: Anything from a kick or a ban depending on the severity and outcome of the action.


Metagaming is when you use out of character information in character. This is not allowed. This includes emoting information that your character have no reason to currently know. Your character's actions must have a sense of continuity and logic. Examples of metagaming:
> John_Smith sees Carl_Johnson's OOC nametag and calls him by his name even though it's the first time they've met IC.
> Carl_Johnson just logged in. Frank_Blank PM's Carl_Johnson that Rick_Powers robbed his house. Carl_Johnson then sets out to hunt Rick_Powers.

VoIP programs such as TeamSpeak can only be used as an IC form of communication by law enforcement factions. No other players are allowed to communicate ICly using real life voice chat programs.
Punishment: Anything from a verbal warning to an admin prison depending on the severity and outcome of the action.


Powergaming is performing IC actions which are not logically possible, forcing roleplay on other players, making up things which did not happen for your own benefit and roleplaying things which are not possible with the in-game's system (script). Examples:
> * John Smith punches Frank Black in the face which causes him to instantly die.
> Getting off the ground and running away after you have been successfully tazed by a police officer.
> Roleplaying that an item is not on you ICly when it is already on you script-wise. (/frisk and /inv)
> Roleplaying that your business is guarded by non-player characters (NPCs).

The /sf command which displays "Success" or "Fail" can be used for actions that are determined by chance. Example:
> * John Smith attempts to take down Frank Black with a tackle.
> John_Smith uses /sf.
> * Successful (( John Smith ))

Do not heal during or right after physical confrontations such as fistfights and shootouts.

Do not advertise illegal items and services on /ad.

You must roleplay taking out a large weapon with /me. Where you obtain the weapon must be valid as well. If you roleplay taking them out of a bag, you must have a bag object (toy) attached on your character. Large weapons:
> Golf club
> Bat
> Shovel
> Pool cue
> Katana
> Shotgun
> MP5
> AK-47
> M4
> Country rifle
> Sniper rifle

You must have at least two lines of /me or /do when you pull out a large weapon. You are not allowed to use weapon binds that do not have at least 1.5 seconds of pause time in between the lines.

You will need the OOC consent of all players involved in the scene if you wish to roleplay with things that do not exist script-wise. The only exceptions to this are business CCTV cameras and the equipment available for on-duty LSPD, EMS, FBI and GOV members. Police dogs are not considered to be equipment.
Punishment: Anything from a verbal warning to an admin prison depending on the severity and outcome of the action.


Deathmatching is attacking and killing another person without a sufficient roleplay reason. Unnecessary provoking falls under this rule as well. Terrorism is strictly forbidden.

Revenge killing falls under this rule as well. When you respawn from the hospital, you are not allowed to pursue and attempt to kill the person who just critically injured (killed) you. Your IC memory is wiped off of everything that led up to your death which includes any memory of your attacker.

If you are saved by the EMS, you are allowed to continue your roleplay with your memory intact.

If you have been killed and you do not know why, you may PM your killer for a clarification. If you are the killer, you're obligated to provide the reason why you killed the other player.

Roleplay as a hitman is not allowed unless you are a part of the official faction. This includes offering hitman services and contract kills.
Punishment: Anything from an admin prison to a ban depending on the severity and the outcome of the action.

Robbery, Scamming and Extortion

Robbing is taking someone's possessions such as money by using force or threat of force. Scamming is hiring another person for a service or agreeing to buy/sell an item, then refusing to pay/give it. Robberies and scams must be done strictly in character.

All characters involved in robberies and scams must be level 4 or higher. You can rob a maximum of $1,000 per person. You can scam a maximum of $100,000 per person. There is no limit on how many weapons, materials and drugs you can rob.

You are not allowed to kill a player while or after robbing/scamming them unless they bring it upon themselves by showing attitude or non-compliance. If you have been robbed or scammed, you are allowed to rob back the things you have lost.

You may not rob or scam the ownership (script-wise) of houses, businesses and vehicles.

Loaning and gambling is done at your own risk and is not protected by level requirements, money limits and scam restrictions described in this rule. Admins will not help you if you lend money or properties to another player and they do not return them or if your money gets stolen while you are gambling. If the player gets banned, then the goods you gave to that person are also gone.

Bank robberies are limited script-wise. A minimum of 3 robbers and 5 on-duty police officers must be online to initiate the bank robbery.

Extorting business owners is allowed, but what you extort must be limited to what is allowed script-wise. You are not allowed to abuse the extortion system and force a business to be closed for a prolonged amount of time. You are not allowed to rob the business owner who you are already extorting script-wise while they are in the vicinity of their business.

You are not allowed to rob, scam or extort any on-duty members of the LSPD.
Punishment: Anything from an admin prison to a temporary ban depending on the severity of the action.

Green Zones

You may not commit crimes (violence, holding up and harassment included) in highly populated areas or areas that would realistically be watched over by security forces. These locations are:
> Los Santos International Airport
> City Hall in Pershing Square
> Bank of Los Santos (unless performing a bank robbery)
> Vehicle dealerships
> Malls (inside only)
> Hospitals
> Santa Maria fishing pier
> Police stations
> Job hubs (scripted areas where you /getjob)
> Near and inside an open business (unless extorting the business' owner)
> Church from 6:00 to 8:00 and 18:00 to 20:00 server time

If the criminal roleplay leads to the area then you are allowed to continue.
Punishment: Anything from a verbal warning to an admin prison depending on the severity of the action.

Game Physics

GTA San andreas physics are hardcoded and cannot be changed via scripting so the following are forbidden to avoid non-roleplay situations:
> Bunnyhopping - Jumping repeatedly to get to a destination faster.
> Olympic swimming - Continuously swimming without roleplay that you are exhausted.
> Tapping on bikes/motorcycles - Tapping W or the up arrow to go faster.
> Chicken running - Running in a zig-zag pattern to avoid being hit by bullets.
> Ninja jacking - Pulling a player out of their vehicle with no roleplay.
> Vehicle surfing - Being on top of a vehicle to ride it instead of being inside of it. If you wish to roleplay kidnapping someone and having them inside the vehicle's trunk, they will have to occupy a script-wise seat.

> You are allowed to ninja jack when in a chase.
> You are allowed to ride in and shoot from the back of trucks and boats.
> You are allowed to have one person surfing on your bicycle as if they are standing on the pegs or sitting on the handlebars.

You must also use ability to instant-kill with a knife with proper roleplay. Do not go up to a person and simply instant-kill them with no /me actions.
Punishment: Anything from a verbal warning to an admin prison.

Third-party Modifications, Hacks

Third-party modifications that give you an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed. If you think or know someone is cheating with mods, it is your obligation to report them.

Examples of such hacks:
> Health hacks
> Armor hacks
> Money hacks
> Speed hacks
> Airbreak hacks
> Aimbots and weapon hacks

CLEO scripts that fall under any stated above also fall under this rule. Emergency lights mods are not allowed. The script already has its own server-sided emergency lights system for vehicles with sirens.

Keybinds are allowed, but most not be used in an unfair manner.

Cam hack may only be used with approval from an admin and under supervision.

Modifications that change the shape (height and width) of GTA:SA's skins and objects are not allowed.
Punishment: Permanent ban.


Character kills (CK) can be done by requesting it from an admin. All parties must agree to the character kill. You are not allowed to be CK'd just for the sake of being CK'd and you must give a sufficient reason as to why you want to kill off your character. Once your character is CK'd, you will lose everything except your non-roleplay stats. What you keep:
> In-game level
> VIP level
> Helper rank
> Admin rank

You may not request for a name change or proceed with a character kill when:
> You have robbed or scammed someone in the last 48 hours.
> You are being reprimanded for breaking a rule in an official faction you are a part of.

The evasion of IC repercussions using OOC methods is also forbidden. You are not allowed to transfer, sell or give away money and goods if you have a pending player complaint (PC) against you.

You are not allowed to trade your in-game goods for real life goods. This includes selling your account to an online marketplace or offering real life monetary bribes in exchange for IC favors such as faction applications, property ownership and etc.

Your account is your responsibility. Whatever is done on your account is on you. If someone else in your household logged in using your account and broke the rules, you will still be punished for the deeds done.

Accounts are going to be purged every last week of the month. Accounts which have not been logged in within 60 days will be deleted forever.
Punishment: Anything from a fine to a ban depending on the severity of the damage done.


You are allowed to have a name that may match a celebrity's name unless that name is entirely unique. You are not allowed to have unrealistic names, gag names and fun names that may exist in real life, but can still be considered trollish. Examples:
> Mike_Hunt
> Mike_Hawk
> Ben_Dover
> Al_Coholic
> Mr_Gaylord

You are not allowed to include a middle initial in your name.
Punishment: Disabled account until you change your name. If you are a level 2 or above, you will be granted one free name change.

Extreme Themes

Unless given OOC consent by all players participating, the following is strictly forbidden:
> Rape
> Cannibalism
> Pedophilia
> Bestiality
> Necrophilia
> Dismemberment
> Sexual harassment

If given OOC consent, then the roleplay must happen away from anybody else and must be done in an area where another player is less than likely to interrupt them. Subjecting others to see disgusting roleplay falls under this rule.

If you begin to feel uncomfortable during the disgusting roleplay you consented to, you're allowed to stop it immediately by informing all the other players involved.
Punishment: Anything from an admin prison to a permanent ban depending on the severity of the action.

Respect for the Community

You are not allowed to create or use other accounts while having an active ban on any of your accounts. Doing so will get your original ban flagged as "no longer appealable".

You are also not allowed to connect through a VPN or proxies without prior permission from an admin.

You are not allowed to advertise other SA-MP servers, especially roleplay ones, in any way shape or form. This includes openly encouraging people to move to a different server and giving out the website URL of that server. Simple discussions such as "which server are you from?" is allowed, however.
Punishment: Permanent ban.


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