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Property Rules

Post by Dairyll on Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:57 pm


You are allowed to own a maximum of 4 houses and 4 businesses across all of your accounts. Property camping, where you buy a property on an account you do not use with the intent to sell it to a player later, is not allowed.
Punishment: Your excess properties will be admin-sold. You will not be refunded. Repeated offenses will lead to a temporary ban.


If you are absent for 21 days, no matter the reason, another player may request for your property to be put up for sale again. Logging in once every few days to avoid being tagged as inactive is against the rules.
Punishment: The property will be admin-sold. You will receive a temporary ban.


If your business runs out of products, you are obligated to buy products as soon as possible. You are allowed to hire a private trucker. This is where you ask a trucker to inform you whether they have finished their delivery so you can /buyproducts as soon as they do.

Your business must be open at least five days a week.
Punishment: Failure to have products or be opened in a prolonged amount of time will result in your business being sold to the Bank of LS.


Businesses intended for regular customers such as bars, clubs and restaurants must either be populated or advertised at least once every two weeks.

Businesses such as supermarkets, clothing stores and et cetera are not required to abide by this rule.
Punishment: Failure to have sufficient activity in a prolonged amount of time will result in anything from a verbal warning to your business being sold to the Bank of LS.


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