Newsletter #3

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Newsletter #3

Post by Dairyll on Sat Aug 15, 2015 1:01 am

Newsletter #3

The server rules have been updated to be more categorized. You can view the new rules here. Make sure you're always up to date with the rules so you won't be punished while dumbfounded. The staff roster page also received a major face lift. It now lists all of the commands the admins can use to players know what an admin can and can't do in terms of their tools in-game. Make sure you give it a quick read before attempting to contact a specific admin to answer your report.

The server's entrance exam has been shortened to 10 questions. We will bring back the 20 questions as soon as the playerbase grows. I kept all of the roleplay-related questions intact. Make sure that you report all rule-breakers here on the forum or in-game.

The admin team will no longer respond to reports that have to be properly posted on the forum. This is to make sure that everything is well-documented and went through the correct process. We will also no longer respond to reports that do not state explicitly what the player needs. Continuous abuse of the in-game reporting system will lead to punishment.

Correct usage of /report:
> /report John_Smith is metagaming my identity
> /report ID 6 is deathmatching
> /report I'm desynced inside my house

Incorrect usage of /report:
> /report Can I talk to Dairyll?
> /report I need an admin quick
> /report Found a bug, spec me

We also encourage everyone to use /helpme for any help they actually need. Both admins and helpers are informed if a player uses the /helpme command. A quick tip is to use /helpme for assistance and /report for rule-breakers and bugs.

The Emergency Medical Services faction is STILL looking for a leader, so make sure you contact Chris and PM him your application if you're interested with that. Family slots are still open. I am now enforcing a requirement of at least 3 active members (including the leader) before starting a family.

I do apologize for the TeamSpeak server being unavailable, but for next month, I'll be spending the funds on both the game server and TeamSpeak server instead. I'll purchase Hosted Tab again when the playerbase regularly reaches 20+. It's a waste of money right now with how populated the Hosted Tab is.

That's all. Thank you!


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