LG:RP 1.1.1 Changelog

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LG:RP 1.1.1 Changelog

Post by Dairyll on Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:44 am

LG:RP 1.1.1 Changelog
- Changed MAX_GARAGES to 1000.
- Fixed death timer.
- /report overhauled. Now, you can only report specific things that can actually be handled in-game.
- Removed Bronze, Silver and Gold VIP. Their perks are now distributed to different levels. (http://forum.lg-rp.net/t236-vip-is-now-free-sorta)
- Platinum VIP members will now respawn with 30% armor.
- Platinum VIP members will now have a 100% paycheck boost.
- Fixed the /chat data not being stored properly upon disconnection.
- Fixed /mdc license checker bug.
- Increased /protection paycheck bonus for family members by x0.35 per business.
- Added /rbk, /bk, /cbk for shortened versions of /requestbackup, /backup and /cancelbackup.
- Added tag marks to OOC chats to prevent confusion.
- The tazer will no longer give the same damage as a silenced pistol.
- Increased materials requirement to create an UZI, a TEC9 and a MP5 by 2,000.
- Increased materials requirement to create a shotgun and a country rifle by 1,000.
- Increased materials requirement to create a pistol and a silenced pistol by 500.
- Decreased general stocks for LSPD heavy firearms to 5x per total members of the faction. Restocks every Sunday server time.
- Increased effectiveness of bats and shovels.
- Decreased effectiveness of nightsticks and maces.
- Added a shock lock system for owned vehicles. Using /slock will now taze anyone who sits on the driver's seat.
- Drug Smuggling and Material Smuggling now enabled for non-family members.


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