LG:RP 1.1.1b Changelog

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LG:RP 1.1.1b Changelog

Post by Dairyll on Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:13 am

LG:RP 1.1.1b Changelog
- Changed MAX_JOBS to 25.
- The first letters of the first name and last name will now be auto-capitalized.
- Added sirens to all LEO vehicles that would logically have sirens on them.
- Fixed bug with /inv not correctly displaying what type of products you're carrying.
- Added Courier job. A mini-trucking job with many dropoff points within the city. Less money, but shorter travel time. Good for a quick buck.
- Fixed /quitjob bug.
- Fixed /abandonvehicle bug.
- Added a secret vehicle dealership which will not be on /search. It sells random/abandoned vehicles at random prices*. The vehicle it's selling changes everytime someone buys a vehicle there or at every paycheck.
* Note: The prices will not go below 100 and will not exceed the vehicle's original price. This means you could potentially buy a Cheetah which costs $316,000 for just $100. Extremely unlikely, but possible. I highly suggest bringing a Mechanic and a gascan as well.


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