Eric Carson


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Eric Carson

Post by GnarlyCharlie420 on Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:02 am

Basic Data

Last Name: Carson

First Name: Eric

Gender: Male

Origin: Idlewood, San Andreas.

Date of birth: Oct./16/1994

Phone number: N/A

Extended Data

Employment history: ( 08/2015 - 08/2015 - Los Santos Trucking )

What do you intend to use your weapons permit for? To keep a weapon in my home for protection against intruders.

Have you ever committed a crime? I once overloaded my truck, Resulting in an arrest.

Do you hold a legal Los Santos driving license? I do.

Do you have any medical conditions that affects your mental state? No.

Have you ever thought or attempted to commit suicide? No, I have never.

Do you have any prior firearm experience? My father was a veteran, He used to teach me some on camping trips out in the Desert.

Have you ever been shot at? When I was a kid, Growing up in Idlewood a lot of shots would go off of course, But never directly at me. So, No.

(( Out of character ))

In-game Level: 2

Previous Ingame Names: (Jamari_Staisy)

Timezone: -5 Eastern Standard

How long have you been playing on Legacy Gaming Roleplay?: About 3 days. Trying to get a character established before I convince some friends to join

Have you ever been warned or banned by an administrator?: Once, On LS-RP server and they were being extremely harsh on my it was my only problem and I've played there since 2010. They even said that they believe in my innocence but they wanted me to re-apply and I just said naw forget it I'll find a new server.

If yes, list all your offences: Someone called me for a cab ride and told me they RP'd breaking out of prison, So I went to pick them up and apparently they didnt RP breaking out, They bugged out, Then they hopped in my cab, Admin showed up, Banhammered saying I was helping someone bug out of prison. I even have a link to the appeal where they said I was innocent.[size=12]

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Re: Eric Carson

Post by John Edwards on Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:42 pm

Mail from LSPD:
We have approved your application for your weapons permit. You can pickup your license at the station anytime. ((You will receive it when you login.))

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