LG:RP 1.1.1d/1.1.1e Changelog

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LG:RP 1.1.1d/1.1.1e Changelog

Post by Dairyll on Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:32 pm

LG:RP 1.1.1d Changelog
- Removed the automatic fire system.
- Carrying too much materials (>10,000) will now make your weapon aim worse and you will no longer be able to move while aiming.
- Changed the 3 minute limit for /accept death. It's now only 30 seconds.
- Fixed the bug where people would lose their money whenever dying in paintball.
- Fixed the bug that allowed non-LEO players to drive some LEO-restricted vehicles.
- Fixed the bug that prevented players from clipping MP5, Tec9 and UZI toys on their character.
- Overhauled the distance detection for firearms. Firing at close range will now do more damage than firing from far.

LG:RP 1.1.1e Changelog
- Fixed the bug with bank floating texts and icons.
- /track-ing no longer requires the player to be wanted.
- Removed the auto-track system for 911 calls.
- Added the dispatch effect for all dispatch messages.
- Carjacking will now trigger an automatic dispatch message for LSPD including the zone name.
- Overhauled the sync check for firearms in vehicles. There was a bug where you could still use non-light machine guns as passenger driveby weapons.


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