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Family Rules

Post by Dairyll on Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:34 pm


A family may only have:
> Only one leader (rank 6)
> Up to three co-leaders (rank 5)

The person who founded the family may leave the family.

A family leader is not allowed to lead another family or a faction on another account.
Punishment: Anything from a verbal warning to a strike.


Families must have a designated hangout spot, ideally, this would be their scripted headquarters (HQ).

Families that roleplay as street gangs must hangout in the streets they claim more often. For example, a gang member of a gang claiming Grove street should sell their drugs in Grove street or neighboring areas such as Ganton.

Members of a family that claim a particular area should live close to that area.

Family members must also post roleplay updates and media such as screenshots and videos on their official topic in the Families section or anywhere on the forum. Do this at least twice a month.
Punishment: Anything from a verbal warning to a strike.


Families must stick to what their theme is. Examples:
> Black street gang
> Hispanic street gang
> Motorcycle gang
> Italian mafia

Families are encouraged to recruit people who would be logical members of their family. An Italian mafia would not recruit an African-American man into their family.

Street gangs, realistically, would not attempt to rob a bank as big as the Bank of Los Santos. They'd be busy tagging up the turfs they claim instead or doing a drive-by against enemy gang members.
Punishment: Anything from a verbal warning to a strike.


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