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Faction Rules

Post by Dairyll on Sat Aug 15, 2015 2:11 am


A player who is the leader of a faction may not be a part of any other factions and families. One's unbiased judgement is required when leading a faction and this rule will also avoid confusion as to what a player's intentions are.
Punishment: Revoked leadership from the current faction and possible global faction ban.

Fair Play

Use your faction's commands with no bias. You are allowed to be a corrupt member of your faction, but you are not allowed to be biased when using your faction's commands. Abusing faction commands is strictly forbidden. Examples:
> Placing charges against a player who has not been identified ICly.
> Stacking of charges that are deemed non-repetitive.
> Ticketing and charging beyond what's stated on the penal code.
Punishment: Anything from a faction kick to a global faction ban depending on the severity.


Whenever you go on duty, you must roleplay all your duties. This means that you can't go AFK for a prolonged amount of time while being an on-duty personnel of your faction. There are scripted events that depend on how many on-duty personnel there are for specific factions and if you're not actually in-game, these events may put your faction in a disadvantageous position.

All faction-related items and properties must be used for what they're intended for. This includes melee weapons, firearms, confiscated items while on duty, vehicles and et cetera. Examples of abuse:
> Taking a Desert Eagle from the LSPD locker with the intent to kill another player for non-duty reasons.
> Using the LSPD Cruiser as your personal vehicle to save money from buying your own car.
> Distributing guns from the LSPD locker to non-LSPD members.
> Using the EMS ambulance to kidnap a person.

This also means that you are not allowed to overstep your authority. Using items and properties that you are explicitly unauthorized to use is not allowed. Examples:
> Grabbing a shotgun from the LSPD locker even if you're just a cadet.
> Flying the SANews helicopter even though you're only permitted to drive the van.

You are only allowed to take monetary bribes. Taking weapon, drug or property bribes in exchange for turning your head to the other direction is not allowed
Punishment: Anything from a faction kick to a global faction ban depending on the severity.


As soon as you join a faction, you must dedicate at least 50% of your roleplaying time (unless stated otherwise) to that faction. You must do your duties effectively and take responsibility for how much time you put in every week.
Punishment: Your faction's executives may kick you. Revoked leadership if you're the faction leader.


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