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Point Rules

Post by Dairyll on Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:05 pm

Point Wars

Point wars are OOC. This means that any rules that pertain to roleplay such as roleplaying your actions, wounds and et cetera are not required. Only official families (/families) are allowed to participate in point wars. Entering a point with no intent to capture it is not allowed. Examples:
> Going to a point war area when no rank 5's are online in your family.
> Going to a point war area while being chased by the police.

You will not be thought of as an OOC player until you enter the point.
Punishment: Anything from an admin prison to a family strike (if the offender is a part of a family).

Capturing a Point

A family may not own more than three points. This includes attempting to capture a point while /points currently lists your family as the owner of three.

Multi-capping - This is when your family is actively participating in two on-going point wars. This is not allowed.

Capturing while in a vehicle is not allowed.

Temp ranking - This is when the family leader sets another player's rank to rank 5 solely for the purpose of that player being able to /capture the point.

Inviting players while your family is participating in a point war is not allowed.

Shooting 15 minutes before the point war starts is not allowed. If the server's time says :46, you may begin shooting at enemy members.

All participating family members must use their family's official skins.

Using animations at the point war area is not allowed.

Tabbing out while in the point war area is not allowed.

Shooting outside of the point war area is not allowed. This includes using a sniper while being on top of a building far from the point war area. This also includes chasing another player out of the point war area.

You are allowed to heal inside the point war area. This includes asking your family members to /vest you or using drugs to recuperate armor.

You are allowed to /acceptdeath immediately and you are allowed to return to the point war area right after respawn.

Shooting or attempting to roleplay right after the point is captured is not allowed. Attempting to roleplay in the point war area is also forbidden.

Driving into the /capture point is not allowed.
Punishment: Anything from an admin prison to a family strike.


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